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Welcome to the SUBARASHII family!


This super sharp knife with its smooth handle will be an elegant addition to your kitchen.

It will make you feel like a Master Chef and you will create food with style.

Your cooking experience will indeed be fantastic: this knife is incredibly sharp, honed to a precision that lasts ten times longer than that of a normal steel knife.


The first thing we heard about ceramic knives was that they cost a fortune, then we received a white Japanese ceramic knife as a gift in the 1990 ́s - now we can’t manage without them!


Many years later we met John who had worked as an agent for a Japanese company selling special ceramic products, so he knew all about the techniques and features involved. “It's rocket science” he used to say and indeed it is since ceramic is used in the engines and coatings of the rockets that launch our satellites!


John built up his own production with zirconium oxide powder that comes from extracting and purifying zirconium from Australia and the knives are made by putting this material into moulds that are then subjected to a pressure of 300 tons at 1,500 degrees Celsius.


The knife we saw was an elegant matt BLACK EDITION and the price was right, so we decided to start our own business based on the SUBARASHII brand.

It immediately became a success and everyone wanted our product.


SUBARASHII means “amazing”, an appropriate name since the knives truly are amazing!


John's latest invention was to polish the blade to a shimmering lustre and this is now available for you with a shining golden blade. A new family member has been born: the GOLDEN WONDER!



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