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Store Policy


We sell all our newly manufactured products with 1 year warranty and 3 years of warranty under the Consumer Buying Act. All guarantees apply in Sweden.


The product warranty only covers original errors, i.e. errors found in the product upon delivery. Product Warranty does not apply to errors that occur during or after your own change in the product's function and appearance, such as rebuilding, upgrading, or other configuration of the product.


If you have purchased a product, you may, in accordance with the consumer's license, have the right to require free repair, delivery of a new defective item or to withdraw the purchase and get money back.


Your order confirmation or receipt is valid as a guarantee. Keep the document well because the document is required if you need to use the warranty.


Please note that for companies there are other rules for warranty and warranty. Companies acquire only the warranty provided by the supplier, where the warranty period may vary between different suppliers. Companies also have no right of claim in addition to their warranty from the supplier. For more information about the rules applicable to companies, please contact our customer support team.


When you place your order with us, you provide your personal details, such as your name, address and social security number. At the same time, you agree that we save and use your personal information to fulfill our commitments to you as a customer. We also document certain communications we have via phone or email, to provide you with the best service and follow up on your cases.


According to the Personal Data Act (PUL) you are entitled to receive the information we have registered about you. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you may request that it be corrected or removed. If so, contact our customer service.


We will never disclose your personal information to third parties.


Our store does not sell products to minors (under 18 years) without the guardians permission.

payment methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

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