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Ceramic Chef´s knife 6”


Super sharp knife with matt black blade and a nice, black smooth handle

Including knife, cover and nice gift pouch


SKU: 0000

    Chef´s knife 6”    

    Ceramic knife with black matt blade and a smooth handle


    A really sharp knife with a sharpness that lasts much longer than a traditional steel knife


    The material is zirconium oxid powder that comes from extraction and purifying zirconium from Australia and the knives are made by putting this material into moulds that are then subjected to a pressure of 300 tons at 1,500 degrees Celsius


    Ceramic is a brittle substance and the knives should therefore be handled with care.  They should not be used for frozen foods or hard materials, e.g. bone, and should not be dropped on to hard surfaces. 

    Should be washed gently by hand. 


    Weight: 88 grams

    Total length: 270mm

    Length of blade: 150mm

    Length of handle: 125mm

    Thickness of blade: 2mm

    Material of blade: Zirconium

    Material of handle: ABS+TPR

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